Sign of the Bellbird via Harry Ell Track and Crater Rim

Our winter’s day started with a frost and a little bit of sunshine, though the day only reached 9C, and we were sheltering from a cold southerly wind at times. The day was all about Harry Ell, a Christchurch city councillor, parliamentarian and conservationist who planned a network of four teahouses for travellers on the Port Hills. We passed by three of these historic buildings on our 18km trek. As well, we walked on the Harry Ell Track, named after him.


Sign of the Takahe

Our walk began at the Sign of the Takahe. Built in the style of an English Manor House, it is the grandest of Harry Ell’s teahouses, begun in 1918 and completed in 1948 after his death. Work to strengthen and renovate it after the Christchurch earthquakes is almost complete. Prior to the earthquakes it had been operating as a restaurant, wedding and function centre.

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Huntsbury Track – Mt Vernon Bike Track – Mt Vernon Farm Track

Our walk started near Centaurus Park and followed Ramahana Road and Huntsbury Ave up to the beginning of the Huntsbury Track.  Our 20 walkers were enjoying the calm but cool weather.  However a southerly hit us suddenly, making our ascent up to the Summit Road very windy, and we could see showers passing around us. (Click any image to enlarge.)

Huntsbury Track

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Mt Herbert from The Monument

Photos and text contributed by Linda, with the exception of one photo by Sheila and one by Pauline.


The day was amazing.  All Christchurch and surrounds were cloaked in heavy fog, which we drove through initially.  Going over Dyers Pass we rose out of it BUT……. all of Lyttelton Harbour was covered in cloud.  Absolutely wall to wall!  Same again going over toward Port Levy and the photos will show it stayed that way all day as we climbed in hot sun to the top of Mt Herbert.

Farmer and his dogs


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