Mt Thomas

Our group of 11 walkers used plenty of energy climbing up the steep Wooded Gully Track within Mt Thomas Forest Conservation area.  We travelled  65 km north-west of Christchurch, via Rangiora and Loburn, to begin our walk in cloudy but humid conditions, with a maximum of 23C by the afternoon.  Our 11.6km walk took about six hours return (including morning tea and lunch), due to the steepness of the track.

Morning tea
Morning tea by the creek, on Lindsay’s birthday

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Diamond Harbour to Ripapa Island

15 walkers enjoyed a smooth 10 minute ferry ride across across Lyttelton Harbour to Diamond Harbour, before beginning the 11km walk.  It was mostly sunny with light winds,  the temperature reaching a pleasant 17C during the day, though in sheltered spots it felt hotter. (Click on any image to enlarge.)

‘Mother and Child’  by Alison Erickson

After the ferry departed we wandered through the Stoddart Point Recreation Reserve and found a selection of intriguing sculptures dotted along the way.


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Cave Rock to Boulder Bay

Though we enjoyed the seaside views, our 14 walkers all suffered from the heat as the temperature soared to around 30C during the day. The 13km trip started on the Sumner Beach foreshore, before climbing the steep Flowers Track.  Joining the Scarborough Track, we zigzagged down into Taylor’s Mistake.  After walking on the Godley Head Track as far as Boulder Bay, we were glad of a rest during our lunch break.


Pohutukawa flowering on the Sumner Beach forshore
Pohutukawa flowering on the Sumner Beach foreshore


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Camp Bay to Little Port Cooper

screenshot_2016-12-29-17-42-26-fOur 10km loop walk went in a clockwise direction, first over the narrow, unmarked Old Pack Track and returning on the Main Farm Track, on a very calm but cloudy day. (Click on any image to enlarge.)






There was a exchange of information with the farmer at Te Pohue country farm, in Camp Bay, before our eight walkers began the trek.  Permission has to be requested from the farmers prior to the day (, as this is private land.


From Camp Bay, Godley Head on the left (across Lyttelton Harbour)

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